Remote Sensing Center

Since March 2018, I have worked at the Remote Sensing Center, a research and development center at the University of Alabama. This group of professors, Ph.D, Masters, and Undergraduate students focuses on designing and operating high performance systems for multiple US and international organizations and governments. We have launched projects for ground penetrating radar in Greenland, aerial snow measurements in Colorado, and numerous UAS systems. Read about our work here!

This center has been life changing for me. To be able to work on such high-level projects around the world, I feel incredibly fortunate. While the classroom is important in my studies, I feel that the knowledge I have learned at the RSC has been irreplaceable, and has truly helped me to develop as an engineer. I work as an undergraduate lead on multiple projects – something that few students have the opportunity to do. I look forward to applying the knowledge that I have learned in the future!